IC Design Consultant

Analog/RF- PLL design- Expert witness


  • Analog, Mixed-Signal, RFIC                                                                   
  • PLL and VCO
  • Opto-electronic communications
  • SiGe Bicmos and CMOS
  • Intellectual property
  • Patent claim analysis and prior art search
  • Expert Witness

DESIGN specialist in IC design of mixed signal circuits, including Phase-Locked Loops, VCO, ADC, DAC, DDS, Synthesizers, Sigma-Delta, SONET and other analog high speed blocks. Over 30 years of experience designing mixed signal and high-speed analog integrated circuits with state-of-the-art commercial technologies: Bicmos (SiGe), SOS, CMOS and GaAs. Lead designs for several commercially available products that include Bit Error Rate Testers, Clock and Data Recovery modules, Phase Locked Loops, RF Transceivers, Synthesizers, and 2.5, 10 and 40 Gb/s mixed signal ICs. Strong DSP background.

  • Competitive analysis and Intellectual Property search
  • Power Amplifier and MEMS
  • DDS and hybrid PLL loops
  • Expert Witness on PLLs at the International Trade Commission
  • Ultra-Wide Band Radio Frequency integrated circuits in SiGe process.
  • Optical Phase Locked Loops for Darpa proposal
  • Phase noise reduction in SOI Fractional-N Sigma Delta Synthesizer
  • Silicon-photonics Mach-Zehnder modulator in SiGe process.  
  • High speed VCOs in 120GHz and 200GHz SiGe process. Octave-tuning VCO and synthesizer of broad frequency applications.



  PLL, noise and system simulations in LTSpice